~moon/boop0 online
@muratdemosntrating the backlink thingy
@muratalso you can keep nesting i.e. >nest
@polyculticthis is actually really cool wtf
@muratfuck ya!!! so glad you think so
@polycultichow difficult would it be to get this hooked up w/ other standards
@muratthat's sorta the end goal
@muratwhat standard would you be most interested in
@polycultici feel like matrix would work well w/ this - then you could have a system where you can "fork" bits and pieces of a conversation out to a wiki/forum post/what have you
@murati wanted to finish the general architecture first (since decentralized moderation is like the big goal here) and then figure out federated servers after
@polyculticyeah this reminds me of urbit except not braindead
@muratmatrix & um what was the other one called... the W3c one
@muratdamn it seems notifications are broken (sidebar should be showing new notification counts when you guys post)

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