Nested communities with evolving governance
A project by Murat Ayfer
  • Hierarchies of channels to capture both social & solitary use cases
    • Chat, bookmarking, note-taking, second brain, micro-blogging, comment threads, wikis, articles
  • Formalized governance framework to let users implement evolving democracies within channels
  • Clear path to decentralization

Table of contents

Introduction Implementation details Governance Next steps


My background

Spiel project status

Core design principles


Low-hanging fruits

Implementation details

Social shared reality / simulacra

Inehritance within the hierarchy

Tagging system

Profiles as channels



map_vancouver.png map_moon.png


Democratic governance

Policies framework
Each circle represents a policy type.
All policies are configurable at the start. Once the community owner enables a governance policy that allows users to create motions & vote on them, the owner can slowly give more control to others with minimal effort.
Users can start by creating harmless reactions & roles, which can gradually take on more meaning as the policies are modified over time.

Policies for channels & jurisdictions

Policies implement policyscript, which is very similar to ElasticSearch's JSON query sytax. It's a Lisp-like DSL that is mostly concerned with boolean outcomes to nested functions. It is a way of leveraging built-in functions to compose highly specific moderation frameworks. This is made user-friendly by providing a Scratch-like drag-and-drop GUI.


Most of the time, users will pick their policies from ready-made templates; however power-users are encouraged to compose new policy templates.

The Lisp-like syntax leaves it up to users' creativity to combine core functions and compose fine-tuned channel policies.

Moderation toolset

First-principles design that covers all possible use cases


Next steps

The spice must flow

Customization beyond bots


Road to decentralization

Other topics to consider

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