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This is my attempt at making a brief guide for how Spiel works.



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@muratChannels are organized in hierarchies. Top level channels are called "realms", and can be tagged using the tilde character: ~moon
@muratWhen you tag a channel, it copies your message into that channel, with a backlink to the original post. This makes tagging a way to organize conversations beyond just linking. You can always opt out of copying if you prefer to link passively.
@muratAny channel within another is denoted with a slash, much like files on a computer. For example, ~moon/beta is a subchannel of moon. Channels can be nested infinitely, like ~moon/beta/subchannel etc.
@muratIf you are already within the ~moon realm, you can use the hashtag shortcut to refer to the 2nd level channels with hashtags, so #beta is synonymous with ~moon/beta.
@muratSince channel names can get long as they nest further, there are three shortcuts to refer to channels relative to your current channel. The direction of the arrow should help remember which is which. For subchannels of your current channel, you can use >nesting. For the parent of your current channel, you can use <moon. For a sibling channel (i.e. shares the same parent as your current), you can use ^sibling.
@muratWhenever you tag a channel, if you have permission to create channels within that context, it will be automatically created.
@muratProfiles, like @murat, are also channels, and each message you post on public channels also gets copied to your profile as well, rendering profiles as a way to follow everything a user says, more like Twitter than Discord/Slack.
@muratThe neat thing is that, subchannels within your profile are by default your personal notes. You can tag them from anywhere using [[roam tags]] with double square brackets. This supports three use cases: directly taking notes, organizing your posts, and bookmarking. These can also be nested, so [[roam tags/future ideas]] is a subchannel of [[roam tags]]
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