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Moon is the beta map. The Earth map will commence with the official product launch later this summer. Start by reading #guide to learn about the hierarchical approach to channels, and feel free to drop some ideas at #feature-requests. Stay tuned for all the democratic moderation features coming in the next month or two.



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@samGreat to be here everyone! @murat, over the past few years, the main things I've been focused on are (a) things to do about climate change, and (b) better online coordination tools, to give us better options than Slack/Discord. Very happy to learn about you and Spiel, as it seems to be aligned on several levels! At the moment, I'm actually scoping something related to climate progress, in the context of community building. With all that in mind — would you be up for a chat one of these days?
@murat@sam i'd love to let's do it!
@muratohhh shiet let's go!! anyone interested in iOS beta? i'll send out test flights
@h0mebase@murat definitely interested in the ios beta, yes please
@murat@h0mebase sry for delay i'm travelling and therefore going slower than usual. almost ready to send out testflights just trying to fix a bug regarding push notifications first
@xiqhey guys nice to see you here
@tommy_minnetonkahey making a little experimental channel for the dao gc
@murat@tommy_minnetonka wiki links are your personal tags
@murat#dao_club is the correct link right
@tommy_minnetonkayes i made one in moon root instead, deleted the link above for clarity
@muratsorry for logging everyone out, i just migrated to a different server
@mayfer.ethtesting my alt handle (murat over here)
@muratcan someone try DM'ing @mayfer.eth please? wanna see if it works well for receiving DMs on multiple profiles on same account
@mantzarishello everyone... first time here. Is this a 'moon'? ;)
@murat@muratshould be able to go to any channel (or ~moon) and click "create sub channel" or whatever on the channel info section warning: "independent" channels are not implemented yet
@mantzarisWOW @murat there is the tagging channel, I am really into tagging lately, for some time,
@mantzaristhere is a great book about a moon miner it is called 'By Bear Bones'
@mantzarisHow do we claim a channel on the lunar landscape? Is there a moon estate market? or is a broker (fixer) available?
@mantzarisHow do I edit the 'map'?
@murat@mantzaris unfortunately editing channels on the map is not supported yet, but you should be able to put an existing channel onto the map from the left sidebar
@murattrying out new fonts & designs BTW... not quite sold on the font yet but colors are better now i think
@mantzaris@murat my Permissions don't show a check mark for the 'Can edit map', but are checked for create subchannels and can post
@mantzaris@murat I think I made a mistake, I tried to make a subchannel, don't think it worked, and then drew on the map but made another 'moon'...
@mantzarisI think it worked, but I accidently created a another moon but can't fix it
@mantzaristhe 'realm' is visible but not the #blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas as a subchannel in the list to the left... I also see in the channel list the fist attempt... how to bring them up and how to 'prune the channel list'?
@MemeticYo dawgs. Whatzup?
@muratoh dang you chose a name that doesn't turn inti a link hah. thanks for the beta testing
@0oh wow, i see that now ha
@0no problem, just found this, this is pretty cool
@0the governance functionality sounds like it will be super useful

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