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@muratthank you!! looking fwd to chatting
@sheldrakeOne minute I'm in Amsterdam, The next I'm on the moon :-)
@sheldrakeAre you still up?! I thought the Conversation would have tired you out :-)
@muratoh ya im a night owl
@sheldrakeSo I can see. Well in that case, thanks for joining us (my yesterday) at 9am your time. Much appreciated.
@muratthank you that was a great opportunity
@murattrying to get better at pitching the vision quickly :)
@sheldrakeI'm going to write the short blog post now so we can embed the video and get it live.
@muratawesome looking fwd to it. talk soon
@comvhey saw the akasha talk and thought this was an interesting project
@karanexcited to try this!
@ClintChecking things out! 👋
@ClintChecking things out! 👋
@ClintTrying a reply
@muratglad it's still working lol
@muratI have lots of updates in the works. will deploy soon
@The_OneSeems pretty dope
@muratthanks i appreciate that!
@tay#feature-requests collapse consecutive backlinks on profile page into activity summary. "Taylor posted 25 times in ~moon". Click to expand.
@muratthis is an interesting request. hmmm
@faun(This place.. feels like home.. but I think it's just the two of us, here, isn't it.)
@faunhm interesting bug. Can't scroll. Wonder what happens when I send a message.
@faunStill can't scroll.
@faunSwitching channels resolved it though so it's not serious
@muratwhat browser btw?
@faunNo console errors.
@azlenyou weren't able to scroll up? or was it locked somewhere else in the scroll position?
@faunI scrolled up a bit, and the scrollbar disappeared, and then I was stuck at that height.
@faunThe scrollbar fell off.
@faun(scrolling with the mousewheel also stopped working)
@azlendid you get to the top of the scroll window? there seems to be a brief moment there where the scrollbar disappears and I stop being able to scroll, but then it loads older messages and it's fine
@azlenmaybe it got stuck loading the messages and never brought the scrollbar back
@muratI'm gonna guess it got stuck in the "lock scroll" state which is what happens when it's loading more above
@murati did it to prevent glitches due to scroll momentum
@murattime flies -- it's been a year since i released the beta hah
@muratin other words, i am slow to build

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