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Moon is the beta map. The Earth map will commence with the official product launch later this summer. Start by reading #guide to learn about the hierarchical approach to channels, and feel free to drop some ideas at #feature-requests. Stay tuned for all the democratic moderation features coming in the next month or two.


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@muratneither do i lolol. just an experiment that map
@tinkeredthinkinglol, I think there's a little more to it than that.
@tinkeredthinkingI've been petitioning for Earth cause I'd love to geo-locate channels to real places. Moon feels like a fantasy world. Hmm I wonder if some D&D peeps could give the moon a solid run
@muratya that was original plan but need a test bed first
@tinkeredthinkingcan't be too hard to find some nerds
@0x5F3759DFI was just talking w someone about how having a 2d virtual space to traverse was less stressful than a 3D space so the channel browser via map is cool
@0x5F3759DF(gathertown vs meta verse or SL) essentially
@tinkeredthinkingWhat I love about this Spiel concept, as opposed to twitter is that there's multiple levels of nested community here. Over at twitter it's basically Public discussion (tweets) and private discussion (DMs), there's no in between, no gradient.
@tinkeredthinkingLike I'd REALLY like the ability to send a message to all my followers, but I can't. And if I don't post like a machine gun, the algo throttles back my engagement as punishment.
@tinkeredthinkingwhereas here on Spiel, say I had all my followers in one chat, like the big #TT/palace-of-lucilius on the moon, but then I could have a whole bunch of sub-spaces inside with different groups of followers and mutuals.
@tinkeredthinkinginfinite variability of communal space.
@tinkeredthinkingTwitter literally has 2 community spaces. (DM is a community of 2) Here there's the potential for so much gradient., and it could really benefit "followers". Say someone is only interested in my fiction, well boom, that gets sorted easily.
@0x5F3759DFHuh that’s cool. So if you mention a space in a discussion held in an enclosing space you also send that message to the enclosed space?
@0x5F3759DFAh neat.
@muratyou'll see backlinks in there like
@0x5F3759DFWell I’m almost home but this place seems cool. I have it bookmarked. Looking forward to coming back.
@muratthanks for checking it out i'll promote it a bit more in the coming days
@muratOK so this is obviously a work in progress but here's a few features that will make the experience more compatible with large user base
@muratAdvanced search (i.e. today's top posts from people I follow, today's most controversial posts overall etc) and make them bookmarkable channels that act as your own feeds
@muratfinish community Governance (the backend is all functional, just needs a voting interface, trickier than it sounds)
@muratso you get this fractal nested chatrooms, but the experience of browsing/replying/etc is more like twitter (but with your own curated algos, or ones you found from other people)
@thomlets get this voting
@thomget audrey on the phone
@muratok what should we first vote on
@muratput the pressure on me to deploy a vote UI that does one small meaningful thing @thom
@muratwhat will it be
@thomummm where should we move the chat? a) to the jungle b) to the forest c) to the tundra d) stay on the moon
@thatonebrahthis is really awesome
@thatonebrahI was working on a similar product at my last company, though we ended up going in a very different direction
@thatonebrahand ultimately abandoned the project, but cool to see you landed on a lot of the same ideas with a sort of fractal governance/channel structure, as well as a spatial map component
@thatonebrahwe actually took the spatial aspect a step further and basically baked in a sort of "game"
@thatonebrahbut that's ultimately why we never finished the product, it became a monstrous task after that
@murat@thatonebrah wow that's awesome! share some screenshots if you have any still
@RobHaisfield@murat Hey, was thinking about trying to use Spiel to collaborate with someone. How can I make our own channel? Or should we make a private channel within here?
@murat@RobHaisfield sent you DM on twitter, let's arrange something
@RobHaisfieldSaw Spiel a while ago from the TfT Rocks presentation
@HussyThis is so cool!
@murataww thanks fellas

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