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~moon/dao_club@holosmossthis is cool, are we in a crater somewhere on the map ?
~moon/dao_club@murat@holosmoss i don't think it's on the map yet, feel free to hit "Place channel on the map" below the map
~moon/dao_club@holosmosskinda, its been pretty hectic otherwise
~moon/dao_club@holosmossmostly skimmed it since I had read a bunch of it earlier, still trying to approach this concept slowly since it sparked my current project (game - scifi worldbuilding). Nearing the implementation of the fiction so its good timing
~moon/dao_club@holosmossi guess it would fall in solarpunk but since that hasnt been really fleshed out im working on it through posthuman anarchy, with shamanistic capitalism or some word I havent found yet
~moon/dao_club@holosmosstheres alot of balls in the air but I think I can handle a pattern in it lol
~moon/dao_club@holosmosswell i dont like transhumanism
~moon/dao_club@holosmossmy game idea was found in late nights of crypto trading and shitposting
~moon/dao_club@holosmossso yeah one big gap it seems will be on how much DAOs can mesh together and become enough to forget the other structures
~moon/dao_club@holosmossits like that wormtongue fellow, bad incentives fucks us up and we dont even know it is possible to be invigorated into involvment
~moon/dao_club@holosmosswe need a moloch hamster ball
~moon/dao_club@holosmosspoor thing keeps falling down the stairs
~moon/dao_club@holosmossanyone one knows whats happening to the money of constitution dao after not getting the constitution ?
~moon/dao_club@holosmossyeah my take on shamanistic capitalism, is that some humans go full posthuman as a sacrifice to interface the AI world for their people, sorta like DAO directly hooked to your shaman/ that extends in overlapping circles of teams with relations to "demi-gods-friends they grew up with"
~moon/dao_club@holosmossive gone a bit far for effect tho so lol
~moon/dao_club@holosmossyou can have as many links to weird entities really
~moon/dao_club@holosmossin the game it is the player, using suites of minor arcanas as "units and buildings" but in the game yeah
~moon/dao_club@holosmossand they could go defunct, or dormant like golden emperor on throne
~moon/dao_club@holosmossim basing the metaphor on a deck of Tarot but it really isnt a game like starcraft with cards sorta non violent, entrepreneurial contest
~moon/dao_club@holosmossis that why we say earning trust ?
~moon/dao_club@holosmossnever quite saw it as a currency lol
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