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@holosmossso yeah one big gap it seems will be on how much DAOs can mesh together and become enough to forget the other structures
@holosmossits like that wormtongue fellow, bad incentives fucks us up and we dont even know it is possible to be invigorated into involvment
@deepfatesyeah, the multipolar traps of moloch
@holosmosswe need a moloch hamster ball
@holosmosspoor thing keeps falling down the stairs
@deepfatesa lot of our current problems seem to be about the inherent lossiness of coordination. every person is a leaky abstraction and if you want to get anything done you have to go through a lot of people
@deepfatesI've been trying to see how DAOs will solve that. For a while I thought it would be like something you kind of joined forever, like a family. And they take care of you and keep you in new shoes for as long as you work for them
@holosmossanyone one knows whats happening to the money of constitution dao after not getting the constitution ?
@tommy_minnetonkaone pet idea of mine is if big coordination problems were turned into fun simulation video games they could be mapped and experimented with, and that in some way is the only way fwd
@deepfatesbut now I see there are coordination problems with that as well. especially, the more invested you are in a organization, the easier it is to see other organizations as enemies. So I'm fascinated by the development of ragequit
@tommy_minnetonkayeah ragequit was cool to me too
@holosmossanyone one knows whats happening to the money of constitution dao after not getting the constitution ?
@deepfatesI think there sending the money back to the wallets, minus several gas fees lol
@tommy_minnetonkajust saw something about olympusdao today, that has a few insane mechanisms
@deepfatesI'm thinking now that DAOs are going to be more of a patchwork with lots of opportunities for egress. So Like people will be playing all kinds of different games and once you find one you like you can build a reputation in it
@holosmossyeah my take on shamanistic capitalism, is that some humans go full posthuman as a sacrifice to interface the AI world for their people, sorta like DAO directly hooked to your shaman/ that extends in overlapping circles of teams with relations to "demi-gods-friends they grew up with"
@holosmossive gone a bit far for effect tho so lol
@tommy_minnetonkaoh so the shaman is the designated transhumanist of the crew?
@holosmossyou can have as many links to weird entities really
@holosmossin the game it is the player, using suites of minor arcanas as "units and buildings" but in the game yeah
@holosmossand they could go defunct, or dormant like golden emperor on throne
@holosmossim basing the metaphor on a deck of Tarot but it really isnt a game like starcraft with cards sorta non violent, entrepreneurial contest
@deepfatesOlympus is cool. I don't understand there staking and liquidity set at all but I am told that it's all based on game theory where everybody will reach a Nash equilibrium which seems good
@deepfatesI understand that a few others including KlimaDAO are forked from their protoco?
@tommy_minnetonkayeah i don't know. i just saw 8000% interest and watched a vid ab it lol. that whole ens thing really got me back on my bs
@deepfatesIt is easy to make a man understand something when you suddenly give him a paycheck dependant on it
@holosmossis that why we say earning trust ?
@holosmossnever quite saw it as a currency lol
@tommy_minnetonkawelp. thx for showing up! maybe this could just be an ongoing channel with resources
@deepfatesthanks for hosting thom. I am excited to have session number two
@muratit was very nice to wake up to dozens of notifications for the first time thanks buds
@murati want to learn more about DAI, the DAO that runs an ethereum-based stablecoin https://makerdao.com/en >dai
@murati want to learn more about DAI, the DAO that runs an ethereum-based stablecoin https://makerdao.com/en >dai
@tommy_minnetonkaone of the session 1 dao sources is rebel wisdom's video "humanity's phase shift" with daniel schmatchtenberger which was a huge red flag for sev reasons and i avoided, but now having explored some im rly enjoying said schmachtenberger's ideas
@tommy_minnetonkaalso they mention this book which i've had on my list for a while now (yud's inadequate equilibria). https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/36606376-inadequate-equilibria anyone read it?
@tommy_minnetonkazksnark/rollup is another thing i'm into researching https://zksync.io/faq/intro.html
@murat^ same i'll post some zksync links
@murat>ens just had a DAO vote to transfer funds from list of multi-sig key holders to the DAO, which is basically the most major step for decentralizing respolsibility of spending DAO funds to collective voting within a deterministic smart contract
@muratnow the key holders must oblige and sign a multi-sig transaction colletively to the move the funds to the DAO wallet
@murati highly doubt there will be anyone resisting the move, however it's interesting that even though a vote took place, there is no real world mechanism to guarantee the execution: the final outcome is still dependent on people cooperating however after this step, spending funds should no longer rely on cooperation: the DAO will be able to trustlessly execute vote outcomes for the funds
@tommy_minnetonka@murat do you know what kind of issues they're voting on? i am not familiar with the decisions a domain name service needs to make
@murat@tommy_minnetonka an example would be voting to change the fees required to register a domain, adjust grace periods when domains expire etc... good question tho hahah

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