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~moon@muratmeaning permissioning is tricky
~moon@muratit's an area of experimentation i'm not 100% clear on roadmap
~moon@murati haven't found that useful personally
~moon@murati prefer shared simulacra, shared idea of what a place is
~moon@murattopics and their relations is separate from manual mapping imo
~moon@muratloll memelord yes
~moon@muratsense of place would put it halfway between chat and mmo
~moon@muratthat would be like that movie the cube or whatever
~moon@muratthank you!! looking fwd to chatting
~moon@muratoh ya im a night owl
~moon@muratthank you that was a great opportunity
~moon@murattrying to get better at pitching the vision quickly :)
~moon@muratawesome looking fwd to it. talk soon
~moon@muratglad it's still working lol
~moon@muratI have lots of updates in the works. will deploy soon
~moon@muratthanks i appreciate that!
~moon@tay#feature-requests collapse consecutive backlinks on profile page into activity summary. "Taylor posted 25 times in ~moon". Click to expand.
~moon@muratthis is an interesting request. hmmm
~moon/tethics@The_One@murat you need to watch Silicon Valley the HBO comedy show! Tethics = tech etchics
~moon/feature-requests@murat@faun yes i want to make it fractal too., like child channels show up within the map after you click on the parent
~moon/feature-requests@muratI also thought about making it an infinitely zoomable map so you never hit a limit
@faun@faunMust I be pink. I don't think anyone has ever force-pinked me before.
@faun@muratyou pinked yourself, color is calculated from the hash of your handle :P
@faun@murati can change your color if you throw me a hex
~moon/feature-requests@murat@faun i see worklet-related code, so maybe browser APIs changed since you made it
~moon/feature-requests@murat@faun was just a guess. I also see commented-out script tags, maybe some of them were needed? IDK just throwing random guesses at you. also haha nice title choice:
~moon/feature-requests@muratnice, send it over when you get it working @faun
~moon/feature-requests@muratBTW just published lots of updates, let's see how many things I broke
~moon@muratwhat browser btw?
~moon@muratI'm gonna guess it got stuck in the "lock scroll" state which is what happens when it's loading more above
~moon@murati did it to prevent glitches due to scroll momentum
~moon/agora@muratwow time flies!! it's been almost a year since @flancian said those
~moon/agora@muratI need to speed up my development O_o
~moon@murattime flies -- it's been a year since i released the beta hah
~moon@muratin other words, i am slow to build
~moon@RobHaisfield@murat do you have a Twitter? I was struggling to find you there
~moon@muratim tickled that you watched and enjoyed the lecture :) i had totally forgot about that
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