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@muratall good man honestly not a biggie
@murati've salvaged most of usable stuff
@muratselling lathe for $200
@tinkeredthinkingoh sick, ya that's a great idea.
@tinkeredthinkingPretty sure I picked it up for $200
@tinkeredthinkingthrow in the chisels and it should move.
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratyeah it is TIME
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratI think im gonna apply for the OpenAI fund
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratthe idea is to use language models for governance scripting
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratso non-coders can participate in proposing changes (aka motions)
@tinkeredthinkingomg where's that mind-blown emoji
@tinkeredthinkingthat's a hell of an idea. Def go for it.
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratsame for feed algorithms. turn language models into fine tuned advanced search queries & bookmark them as differernt feeds
@tinkeredthinkingalso, I feel like a language model could get a look at current bookmarks and re-sort feed by searching all of twitter to optimize for the kind of shit a user likes to see & saves
@tinkeredthinkinguse bookmarks as training for a personal model
โฅ‚ ~moon@murathaha DANG you broke my site already
โฅ‚ ~moon@murati don't think the regex expects names to start with zeros
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratima have to fix that เฒ _เฒ 
@tinkeredthinkinggod, I do love how quick and slick spiel is
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratis there a special meaning to that handle
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratneither do i lolol. just an experiment that map
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratya that was original plan but need a test bed first
โฅ‚ ~moon/TT/palace-of-lucilius@tinkeredthinkingbut like @murat said it really requires a seed-community to get off the ground.
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratyou'll see backlinks in there like
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratthanks for checking it out i'll promote it a bit more in the coming days
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratOK so this is obviously a work in progress but here's a few features that will make the experience more compatible with large user base
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratAdvanced search (i.e. today's top posts from people I follow, today's most controversial posts overall etc) and make them bookmarkable channels that act as your own feeds
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratfinish community Governance (the backend is all functional, just needs a voting interface, trickier than it sounds)
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratso you get this fractal nested chatrooms, but the experience of browsing/replying/etc is more like twitter (but with your own curated algos, or ones you found from other people)
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratok what should we first vote on
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratput the pressure on me to deploy a vote UI that does one small meaningful thing @thom
โฅ‚ ~moon@muratwhat will it be
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