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~moon/feature-requests@murat@thatfiggers would it be suficient to cc all the original posts to the new channel, such that the originals stay where they are? from a governance perspective it's easier so you don't delete messages on behalf of others
~moon/feature-requests@muratso copying the messages essentially
~moon/feature-requests@thatfiggers@murat Yes, that sounds preferable even. Better for them to be in both places than completely move and delete originals.
~moon@h0mebase@murat Is there any ETA on the iPhone app. I'm thinking that content I want to process or add to roam later, I drop in my personal channel here, then process it later when I have time.
~moon@h0mebase@murat If you're doing test flights yet, I'm interested.
~moon@murat@h0mebase sounds good, will do asap sorry busy selling my other company this week lol
~moon@murat@andrew i intend to open source it sometime soon. let's stay in touch!
~moon@murati'll put it on the mao
~moon/feature-requests@murat@andrew ahh yes i should make the text stay while moving around
~moon@muratnice! i been following gordon he has great content @tasshin
~moon@tasshin@murat glad to hear it, i'm having him back on the podcast on Friday. I've sent him our conversation but I don't think he's watched it.
~moon@murat@tasshin that's understandable hah -- i was just feeling so overwhelmed with how much incredible content is constantly popping up on my twitter feed and I'm just spending all day consuming, learning & chatting instead of building
~moon@muratI do hope to connect with him more some day, we seem to have a lot of interests in common
~moon@samGreat to be here everyone! @murat, over the past few years, the main things I've been focused on are (a) things to do about climate change, and (b) better online coordination tools, to give us better options than Slack/Discord. Very happy to learn about you and Spiel, as it seems to be aligned on several levels! At the moment, I'm actually scoping something related to climate progress, in the context of community building. With all that in mind — would you be up for a chat one of these days?
~moon@murat@sam i'd love to let's do it!
@tasshin@tasshin@murat makes sense! i'm glad you're working on building, this is one of the most beautiful projects i've seen in a while
~moon/urbit@murat@andrew yep it is! that's a good idea i'll do that for sure
~moon@h0mebase@murat definitely interested in the ios beta, yes please
~moon@murat@h0mebase sry for delay i'm travelling and therefore going slower than usual. almost ready to send out testflights just trying to fix a bug regarding push notifications first
~moon/thread:835bf0a6@monicaThanks for your work on this, @murat. 👏 I'm interested in the iOS beta.
~memery@muratphew! thought you were ded
~moon@murat@tommy_minnetonka wiki links are your personal tags
~moon@murat#dao_club is the correct link right
~moon/dao_club@murati need help formalizing the voting framework
~moon/dao_club@murati'll clarify what i mean later
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonka@murat is there any way we can create group channels on the fly with wikilinks? i see the "create subchannel" button on the side-- will [[test link]] always belong to /tommy_minnetonka/test_link? or is that like, 100% my personal note now
~moon/dao_club@muratif you want to create subchannels you can go like >subchannel which will nest down from current location
~moon/dao_club@muratsame as clicking "Create a subchannel" ahd choosing public on the left
~moon/dao_club@muratfor private groups, i need to finish invitation function
~moon/dao_club@muratvideo embeds working great! sweet
~moon/dao_club@murat@holosmoss i don't think it's on the map yet, feel free to hit "Place channel on the map" below the map
~moon@muratsorry for logging everyone out, i just migrated to a different server
~moon/dao_club@muratit was very nice to wake up to dozens of notifications for the first time thanks buds
~moon/dao_club@murati want to learn more about DAI, the DAO that runs an ethereum-based stablecoin https://makerdao.com/en >dai
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