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~moon/dao_club@muratvideo embeds working great! sweet
~moon/dao_club@murat@holosmoss i don't think it's on the map yet, feel free to hit "Place channel on the map" below the map
~moon@muratsorry for logging everyone out, i just migrated to a different server
~moon/dao_club@muratit was very nice to wake up to dozens of notifications for the first time thanks buds
~moon/dao_club@murati want to learn more about DAI, the DAO that runs an ethereum-based stablecoin https://makerdao.com/en >dai
@muratDaniel Schmachtenberger - Building Better Sensemaking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2sIG6l4uU0 [[governance]]
~moon/dao_club@murat^ same i'll post some zksync links
~moon/dao_club@murat>ens just had a DAO vote to transfer funds from list of multi-sig key holders to the DAO, which is basically the most major step for decentralizing respolsibility of spending DAO funds to collective voting within a deterministic smart contract
~moon/dao_club@muratnow the key holders must oblige and sign a multi-sig transaction colletively to the move the funds to the DAO wallet
~moon/dao_club@murati highly doubt there will be anyone resisting the move, however it's interesting that even though a vote took place, there is no real world mechanism to guarantee the execution: the final outcome is still dependent on people cooperating however after this step, spending funds should no longer rely on cooperation: the DAO will be able to trustlessly execute vote outcomes for the funds
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonka@murat do you know what kind of issues they're voting on? i am not familiar with the decisions a domain name service needs to make
~moon/dao_club@murat@tommy_minnetonka an example would be voting to change the fees required to register a domain, adjust grace periods when domains expire etc... good question tho hahah
~moon@muratcan someone try DM'ing @mayfer.eth please? wanna see if it works well for receiving DMs on multiple profiles on same account
@mantzarisseems to work! first time here, getting lost in the 'fractal nature of this place'
@muratok haha this is actually my public feed! it's like publicly at mentioning. DM is still not user friendly because you have to hover on my username and click dM
@muratyeah.. navigation is a bit messy at first isn't it @mantzaris
@mantzarissent a DM this time, see how it works
@mantzarislooks a lot more 1ee7 than slack
@mantzarisis there a how to guide?
@muratnope not at all @mantzaris.. just in development by me so far. hence the "beta"
@mantzariscool! any tips? thinking of making a channel
@muratshould be able to go to any channel (or ~moon) and click "create sub channel" or whatever on the channel info section warning: "independent" channels are not implemented yet
@mantzaristried going to [[interfaces]] but it is restricted
~moon@mantzarisWOW @murat there is the tagging channel, I am really into tagging lately, for some time,
~moon@murat@mantzaris unfortunately editing channels on the map is not supported yet, but you should be able to put an existing channel onto the map from the left sidebar
~moon@murattrying out new fonts & designs BTW... not quite sold on the font yet but colors are better now i think
~moon@mantzaris@murat my Permissions don't show a check mark for the 'Can edit map', but are checked for create subchannels and can post
~moon@mantzaris@murat I think I made a mistake, I tried to make a subchannel, don't think it worked, and then drew on the map but made another 'moon'...
~moon/blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas@mantzaris@murat I welcome you to the new cool place to be
~moon/gameb@muratthanks for your interest in this thing. please let me know what kind of desires you have for features. i think one important one before this is fully usable is figuring out invitations & configuring posting rules for custom channels (i.e. not requiring twitter login if you don't want it etc) another one is invite-only channels, invitation links etc... I also have the iOS / Android app betas where push notifications should be working :)
~moon@muratoh dang you chose a name that doesn't turn inti a link hah. thanks for the beta testing
~moon@murati will fix hehe
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