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~moon@tayin contrast, joining a discord or slack, it is incredibly hard to "ramp up" because all the random transactional conversations are littering the channel alongside the important stuff
~moon@taysimilar to custom reactions = culture, custom message templates for a channel would be dope
~moon@tayyou can only post in #Parties if you fill out the Party Form
~moon@tayI think the post-centricity of fb workplace is what makes the ranked feed work - individual chat messages lack enough context to be displayed in a feed legibly
~moon@tay#random #idea have you considered prototyping Spiel in #Logseq ?
~moon@tayor rather, prototyping an integration
~moon@tayfor example, Spiel tags could just be a shared namespace accessible from my daily notes. only those blocks get shared, as messages in those channels
~moon@tayI suppose passively sharing cool ideas or links from your notes is more like twitter than slack, since you might be disrupting whatever conversation is already happening in those channels
~moon@tayalthough this seems similar to the posts vs messages distinction in workplace
~moon@tayyeah I think it would be nice to not switch apps / tabs when I switch from "writing notes to myself" and "writing notes to myself that I don't mind my friends seeing"
~moon@taythey are interleaved throughout my day, different apps just adds friction
~moon@taydev environment: private notes. staging: close friends. prod: my followers
~moon@taywhen coding these are all in the same editor
~moon@taywhat is spiel built in btw?
@taywish I could filter these
@taydo links be workin?
~moon@taywow I love the minimap
~moon@tayjust realized it's interactive
~moon@taywhat do you mean?
~moon@tayhow do you calculate the position? message vectors?
~moon@tayhmmm... intuitively I visualize channels as more of a point cloud than a land map - the relationships constantly change
~moon@tayis a memelord a landlord in memespace?
~moon@tayI do like the sense of place, good point
~moon@taychannels as Minecraft blocks
~moon@tay#feature-requests collapse consecutive backlinks on profile page into activity summary. "Taylor posted 25 times in ~moon". Click to expand.
~moon@tayanyways, I should log off. eager to discuss more on our call tomorrow!
@tayExample message, where I mention #grasp
[[voice]]@tayI think I did a pretty good job speaking up!
@tayTay did a pretty good job speaking up voice
Here is a test message where I'm embedding a video. Will it work?
@tayAnother test message, this time with line breaks. It looks like rich formatting is supported.
[[grasp]]@tayExample thread...
[[grasp]]@tayAn example reply!
[[grasp/bot]]@tayHi! I'm GraspBot. I can coach you on your #grasp.
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