~moon/tech0 online
@h0mebaseCreated a tech channel to test this space out, very cool
@h0mebaseSubchannel focus is really movies, music, tech, anime, pop-culture anything that falls under the tech umbrella I suppose.
@h0mebaseProbably something in #urbit/bitcoin-wallet that would apply to this subchannel I think.
@h0mebaseI think organizing a tech space in #roam-research lets you collaborate easier than other platforms.
@h0mebaseI should look at those other elements of his [[strength]] before I conclude that is the best representation of it.
@h0mebaseGoing to just use this as a scrolling timeline for my own use
@h0mebaseI would need the Shattered Grid and the Beyond the Grid collected works to find out about [[Ranger Slayer]] and Ranger Slayer #1 One Shot
@h0mebaseintegrate with ldap for phone must be done under voicemail
@h0mebaselink to ad also, for a new [[phone]] ]

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