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@gwilleninto which I can type messages?
[[subchannel]]@gwillenoh do all subchannel messages just show up in the superchannel automatically
@gwillenoh, it's not that messages show up in the superchannel
@gwillenit's that all messages by _me_ magically show up in _this_ channel
~moon/tagging@gwillena long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Zephyr (which inspired Zulip) had some nesting-like conventions, and one that I liked was that "foo.d" was for discussion branching off of "foo"
~moon/tagging@gwillenI forget precisely how the convention was used, but e.g. "foo" might be strictly for specific on-topic things, and then related discussion being elsewhere reduced clutter.
~moon/tagging@gwillenI was actually thinking in kind of a different direction, where the equivalent here would be more like "foo/d" or "foo/discuss" or something
~moon/tagging@gwillenthat is, if it's actually related it makes more sense as a descendant than a sibling
~moon@gwillenso I tried creating an independent channel, as a subchannel of my channel, but I don't have permissions to it and I'm not sure how to configure it. Is that implemented yet?
~moon@muratoh sorry @gwillen, independent channels are not finished yet
~moon@gwillenhmm, I am trying to react to your messages here but the reacts do not appear
~moon@gwillenaha, but it's a display update issue, refreshing makes them show up
~moon@gwillenaha I see, indeed now they're back
~moon@gwillenaha, I don't have to refresh, just switch channels
~moon@gwillenthe problem is that the client is sending a spurious "leave_channel" for some reason
~moon@gwillenyeah but after awhile it's sending "join current" followed immediately by "leave current" out of the blue
~moon@gwillentriggered by idleness maybe
~moon@gwillenhaha no problem! :D I have magical debugging powers.
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