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@muratchannel for feedback/ideas on the tagging mechanism.... this is regarding the #tagging, #tagging/nesting, >nesting, <moon, all the different relative / absolute syntax you can use to refer to other channels
@muratto clarify, since we're in the #tagging channel, if I tag >nesting, it'll both create that nested channel (with full path #tagging/nesting) and also copy this message into there with a backlink to this original context
@gwillena long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Zephyr (which inspired Zulip) had some nesting-like conventions, and one that I liked was that "foo.d" was for discussion branching off of "foo"
@gwillenI forget precisely how the convention was used, but e.g. "foo" might be strictly for specific on-topic things, and then related discussion being elsewhere reduced clutter.
@murati'm using something somewhat similar for private and independent channels
@muratlike for example i dont want private channel to clash with >example, so i do >example.🔒
@gwillenahhh, yeah I saw that
@muratemoji is annoying to type but tab completion fixes that
@murati could revert to letters like you suggested
@murati do like the simplicity of foo.d foo.whatever
@gwillenI was actually thinking in kind of a different direction, where the equivalent here would be more like "foo/d" or "foo/discuss" or something
@muratoh! that's literally already how it is
@gwillenthat is, if it's actually related it makes more sense as a descendant than a sibling
@muratwhich you can also use a shortcut, like >conventions
@muratyou can nest infinitely deep :)
@muratthe tricky part is to make it obvious enough to people, not sure how to tackle that
@muratthe tricky part is to make it obvious enough to people, not sure how to tackle that
@borisIt’s emergent. People will explore and adopt it if you give it a little surfacing.
@gwillenI thought the emoji were pretty cute
@borisI also think the emoji are cute but harder to type on mobile. Could foo.p (for private) visually turn into foo.🔒 ? But yeah maybe the do once of creation isn’t too bad, and autocomplete fixes the rest. Our discord has a lot of emoji in channel names and autocomplete works fine.
@ryjmone thing i'm noticing is that i feel like i'm spamming when i tag a single category frequently. can't tell if this is a problem or just learned behavior from the normie web
@murat@ryjm as long as i make posting limits available tools to combat spamming, i think communities will adapt quickly spam away no worries :)
@mantzarisWOW, a channel on TAGGING? I really am into tagging!
@mantzarisDoes anyone here work in Semantic web stuff?
@mantzarisOr tried making those triples and quads in the RDF model before?

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