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~moon@AntiNoirBuilt my home in #Kazan (name I chose for my headspace and all the mad voices in my head), pleasure to meet y'all neighbors!
@murat@AntiNoir kazan means cauldron in turkish, makes sense
@AntiNoir:) Means volcano in Japanese to me, though ironically I came to those two syllables when trying to describe my headspace
closest visual of my headspace though at night instead with a full moon (had to pull an example from Tekken 7 lol)
@AntiNoirBut weird that it's on a moon hahahhaha
@AntiNoirTesting this out with a subchannel which I'll call >madness, where any ^ channel is on the same hierarchy as the current channel I'm in and any > channel is another layer below ( while < is previous). It's like memorization directional notations while chatting! Pretty awesome
~moon@AntiNoirMeanwhile, you can find me at #Kazan where I'll be talking to myself while testing out the features, if you're here from ye old RoamFM, howdy 👋 you can DM me and test stuff out!
@AntiNoirIt seems I have lost my channel placement 😫
@murat@AntiNoir lol, sorry!! i had an unfortunate database event and had to guess your new spot umm.. can i move it anywhere better?
@muratlol just realized how small i made it. ಠ_ಠ
@AntiNoir@murat all good! I picked a new spot hahaha - I like having a secret base somewhere far away on the moon 😈

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