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~moon@AntiNoirOn reaching your profile I thought I could have more sidebar windows to see where else have you been active in (which subchannels etc.)
~moon@AntiNoirAnd reflecting on where my gaze is, I'm not always looking at Watchlist section
~moon@AntiNoirSo I have this itch to click a button to toggle it appearing/disappearing: that can lead to more space for other things
~moon@AntiNoireg. @murat profile, @murat feed, @murat personal notes
~moon@AntiNoirtriple column with overview of 3 sections, scrollable on primary center window and right-side window for notes, and all are threaded
~moon@AntiNoirThat would be delicious
~moon@AntiNoirD'you have a feature-request/ideas channel?
~moon@AntiNoirIf any more ideas I can send loom vids to describe them next time, but yeah best to aggregate these under a channel
~moon/feature-requests@AntiNoirTesting for new upcoming features yessss
~moon@muratcan you try posting a msg in #feature-requests ? wanna see if i get notified
~moon@AntiNoirNo problemo :) will check in once in a while!
~moon@AntiNoirTempted to draw new channel somewhere to conquer a piece of the ~moon
~moon@AntiNoirTempted to draw new channel somewhere to conquer a piece of the ~moon
~moon@AntiNoirBuilt my home in #Kazan (name I chose for my headspace and all the mad voices in my head), pleasure to meet y'all neighbors!
@murathere's a way to message a user directly (but still publicly)... by posting straight in their profile channel
@muratshould show a new msg indicator in your watchlist next to your handle.
~moon/Kazan@murat@AntiNoir kazan means cauldron in turkish, makes sense
~moon/Kazan@AntiNoir:) Means volcano in Japanese to me, though ironically I came to those two syllables when trying to describe my headspace
closest visual of my headspace though at night instead with a full moon (had to pull an example from Tekken 7 lol)
~moon/Kazan@AntiNoirBut weird that it's on a moon hahahhaha
~moon@notmuratis this thing on?
~moon@AntiNoirGreetings! it is indeed on yes
~moon/Kazan@AntiNoirTesting this out with a subchannel which I'll call >madness, where any ^ channel is on the same hierarchy as the current channel I'm in and any > channel is another layer below ( while < is previous). It's like memorization directional notations while chatting! Pretty awesome
~moon/feature-requests@AntiNoirRequest for the map to be a pop-up toggle instead of it being on the screen all the time (or at least take less real-estate)...I don't always pay attention to the left 30% of my screen because of it
~moon/feature-requests@murat@AntiNoir great request! i agree, will do this. maybe just put a smaller version of it within the channel description column instead
~moon/Kazan/madness@AntiNoirAnd in madness I see that my voices talking back to me, are mere echoes and not characters, for all I have in my own head is me
@AntiNoir@murat I got your DM invite but I can't view it (don't have permission?) 😅
@muratfacepalm. lol ok will fix thanks for the bug report as always
~moon@murati've updated the map layout. thoughts?
~moon@AntiNoirNice! I like this better - Map doesn't have to take such a big space and now nesting subchannels beneath it makes sense :)
~moon@AntiNoirNice! I like this better - Map doesn't have to take such a big space and now nesting subchannels beneath it makes sense :)
~moon@AntiNoirGiving me [[UI/UX]] feels... definitely looking at this as inspo for interfaces for thinking
~moon@murat@AntiNoir nice glad you like!! lol, another bug you found! slash in tag fails to copy the message since it parses it as a nested channel lol. need to rethingk a few things around [[roam tags]]
~moon@muratI think i'm gonna go public with beta today btw @AntiNoir
~moon/thread:a02aaed1@AntiNoirNice! Welcome welcome Joel :) -Norm
~moon@AntiNoirOh boy there's a ton of activity in ~moon all of a sudden I love it 😄 @murat hope you can keep up with all this! Planning to bring it more announcements from Roam peeps over time
~moon@AntiNoirAs this is #beta, best that everyone coming in to record any bugs, #feature-requests and more by tagging the relevant channels, and then we can filter out the overall moon conversation by ggoing to the channels (acts as a great filter!)
~moon@AntiNoirMeanwhile, you can find me at #Kazan where I'll be talking to myself while testing out the features, if you're here from ye old RoamFM, howdy 👋 you can DM me and test stuff out!
~moon/Kazan@AntiNoirIt seems I have lost my channel placement 😫
~moon/Kazan@murat@AntiNoir lol, sorry!! i had an unfortunate database event and had to guess your new spot umm.. can i move it anywhere better?
~moon/thread:e104d94f@AntiNoirThis honestly looks pretty sick omg
~moon@AntiNoirUsing [[beta notes]] as personal notes for documenting Spiel progress and feature requests (eg. shortcuts to navigate back to main realm)
@AntiNoir@murat I can recreate that repeat text bug now: if I create a new roam tag note, and then after that in the text I tag a channel, the text inevitably duplicates itself
[[beta_notes]]@AntiNoirSoo far, much more useful - but curious about why Watchlist has Realms as a subsection on the right hand side
@muratthat's super helpful, thank you. will fix for next release
~moon/Kazan@AntiNoir@murat all good! I picked a new spot hahaha - I like having a secret base somewhere far away on the moon 😈
~moon@AntiNoir@murat this twitter thread seems relevant to Spiel: on the vantage points of networks, 1-on-1's and multiplayer thinking: https://twitter.com/patio11/status/1400466955690078211?s=20
@murat@muratthanks @AntiNoir i'll dig into his writings
~moon@muratthanks @AntiNoir i'll dig into his writings
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