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@tinkeredthinkingA place for Lucilius to rest his head. This channel/place-on-the-moon has a couple sub channels with Lucilius content.
@tinkeredthinkingThe sub-channels can literally be found in the triangle on the moon. There's one for the parables. (I'll post more) and one for an ongoing Lucilius Project which I've decided to put some energy into.
@tinkeredthinkingthat's one of the channels
@tinkeredthinkingThe Mnemectomy channel refers to the Novella project.
@tinkeredthinkingPS. I'm also just messing around to see how this current version works. How hard it is to create/find/link, etc.
@tinkeredthinkingall my desktop notifications are coming up as [null] fyi
@tinkeredthinkinghmm. seems I can't do reactions to your messages. I click on heart but nada.
~moon@tinkeredthinkingwhereas here on Spiel, say I had all my followers in one chat, like the big #TT/palace-of-lucilius on the moon, but then I could have a whole bunch of sub-spaces inside with different groups of followers and mutuals.
@0x5F3759DFOoohh interesting
@tinkeredthinkingbut like @murat said it really requires a seed-community to get off the ground.
@tinkeredthinkingI think I might start using the space to draft up some longer fiction for Tinkered Thinking
@tinkeredthinkingwould be sups cool to get feedback as I go.
@0x5F3759DF# does this propagate up?
@0x5F3759DFOh I noticed when I clicked on the link in your post I could see the post from moon here
@0x5F3759DFso I was trying to see if I mentioned the moon channel if the post here would show up there
@tinkeredthinkingah I see, I don't thinkkkk so
@0x5F3759DFIt also appears I didn’t “mention” the moon space right
@0x5F3759DF#! wonder if this does anything
@tinkeredthinkingI just love how I can hop around to different channels via a geographical interface. It's just mind-numbingly intuitive. Compared to slack.. which I've been using for months and I still don't really understand.
@tinkeredthinkingohhh I didn't see yer hashtags on those messages. I see what you were meaning
@0x5F3759DF navigating this is tricky

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