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@nutzeeeragora Energiewende is a german website showing stats about germanies energy consumption. It can be seen that solar is providing quite a lot of power: https://www.agora-energiewende.de/en/service/recent-electricity-data/chart/power_generation/02.05.2021/05.05.2021/
@flancianI forgot this channel existed but I'm glad to be back
@flancianhttps://anagora.org/spiel now documents (lightly) this platform
@muratwow time flies!! it's been almost a year since @flancian said those
@muratI need to speed up my development O_o
@flancianahoy there, comrades! I'm back
@flancianI forgot this place existed again, and found it again in my browser history
@flancianglad to be back! this place rocks, I love:
@flancianthe fact that subchannels seem easy to create
@weird-dudeHello I would like to purchase some sand
@flancianwould you like some sand for free, or as a gift?
@flancianI forgot this channel existed but I'm glad to be back
@flancian"deja vu... it's a glitch on the [[matrix]] ]" :D
@flancian@murat you rock! can I help you with anything? how is the project going?
@flancianis there any chance we could add [[fediverse]] ] support?
@flancian(in the sense of logging in with a mastodon server, or anything other than X really)
@murati'm gonna launch a public experiment soon for "self governing chatroom"

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