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@mantzarisWhat do are people pondering lately?
@mantzarisnow we have 'real' estate, it is real! can you deny it?
~moon@mantzaristhe 'realm' is visible but not the #blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas as a subchannel in the list to the left... I also see in the channel list the fist attempt... how to bring them up and how to 'prune the channel list'?
@mantzarisif things become too complex with some implementations, is that always a good thing? I wonder, if the electric car revolution is an example of a return or balance of complexity as the internal combustion engines became too complex...? wonder if there is a type of ecosystem for the complexity
@mantzarisis there an analogue to other aspects like to finance society etc?...
@mantzarisit is interesting to define a topology for the channels here... that effectively pointers to permissions and message storage encapsulations would be assisted by a 2D representation ...
@mantzaris@murat I welcome you to the new cool place to be

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