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~moon@mantzarishello everyone... first time here. Is this a 'moon'? ;)
@murat@mantzarisseems to work! first time here, getting lost in the 'fractal nature of this place'
@murat@muratyeah.. navigation is a bit messy at first isn't it @mantzaris
@murat@mantzarissent a DM this time, see how it works
@murat@mantzarislooks a lot more 1ee7 than slack
@murat@mantzarisis there a how to guide?
@murat@muratnope not at all @mantzaris.. just in development by me so far. hence the "beta"
@murat@mantzariscool! any tips? thinking of making a channel
@murat@mantzaristried going to [[interfaces]] but it is restricted
~moon/tagging@mantzarisWOW, a channel on TAGGING? I really am into tagging!
~moon@mantzarisWOW @murat there is the tagging channel, I am really into tagging lately, for some time,
~moon/truth@mantzarisThat is DEEP. I mean, I thought that I was deep into meme philosophy. I have read academic literature to discuss memes, thought about them, had discussions about their nature, and even work on an app to organize them, but that was next level
~moon/truth@mantzarisWonder if there is a component of randomness to the meme thought process that humans like
~moon/open-source@mantzarisWho works in open source here? I am, and there are some parts I am still getting used to, working on my first project that I am leading, and making the app for normal user experiences
~moon/open-source@mantzarisit is in electron, a not for profit
~moon/incentives@muratpayments!!! if this product ever gets use on larger scale, money will become critical for moderators moderation is an extremely manual and time consuming task, and that's where a large portion of value is created (and culture is preserved). so any mechanism that collects small bits of money from users & funnels it back to moderators, kind of like an open-source project's funding model, might work quite well so the idea would be to allow communities to enable monetization by requiring some sort of paid membership & decide how it'll be distributed to which roles. these can also be tied to the democratic #governance model
~moon/incentives@mantzarismoderation?... like how they do it in Reddit?
~moon/incentives@mantzarispayment is great of course, but like another moderation squad is always so time consuming, and governance like ouch
~moon/memebase@maritanAIs want to have crazy dreams too
~moon/memebase@mantzarisYeah, too much determinism is no fun. Need to let them out of the finite state machine
~moon/tagging@mantzarisDoes anyone here work in Semantic web stuff?
~moon/tagging@mantzarisOr tried making those triples and quads in the RDF model before?
~moon@mantzarisgood morning moon
~moon@mantzaristhere is a great book about a moon miner it is called 'By Bear Bones'
~moon@mantzarisHow do we claim a channel on the lunar landscape? Is there a moon estate market? or is a broker (fixer) available?
~moon/memebase/meme-philosophy@mantzarisWhat is it about a meme that gives it the unique properties for it to become 'viral'?
~moon/memebase/meme-philosophy@mantzarisThere must be a dimension and component set which we fail to appreciate. Even if it is not some set of measurable elements (which explains why we cannot explain them yet) there must be a set of measurable 'interactions at least which provide a resonance to the viewer subset. This can be nothing more than the creation of 'noise' which can be pleasurable when mixed with other contexts
~moon@mantzarisHow do I edit the 'map'?
~moon@murat@mantzaris unfortunately editing channels on the map is not supported yet, but you should be able to put an existing channel onto the map from the left sidebar
~moon@mantzaris@murat my Permissions don't show a check mark for the 'Can edit map', but are checked for create subchannels and can post
~moon@mantzaris@murat I think I made a mistake, I tried to make a subchannel, don't think it worked, and then drew on the map but made another 'moon'...
~moon/blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas@mantzarisWhat do are people pondering lately?
~moon/blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas@mantzarisnow we have 'real' estate, it is real! can you deny it?
~moon@mantzarisI think it worked, but I accidently created a another moon but can't fix it
~moon@mantzaristhe 'realm' is visible but not the #blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas as a subchannel in the list to the left... I also see in the channel list the fist attempt... how to bring them up and how to 'prune the channel list'?
~moon/blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas@mantzarisif things become too complex with some implementations, is that always a good thing? I wonder, if the electric car revolution is an example of a return or balance of complexity as the internal combustion engines became too complex...? wonder if there is a type of ecosystem for the complexity
~moon/blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas@mantzarisis there an analogue to other aspects like to finance society etc?...
~moon/blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas@mantzarisit is interesting to define a topology for the channels here... that effectively pointers to permissions and message storage encapsulations would be assisted by a 2D representation ...
~moon/blue-sky-random-cloud-ideas@mantzaris@murat I welcome you to the new cool place to be
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