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@murat@ryjmyou just have to point to the myriad of grandiose but failed decentralized social networks to see that that formula isn't working out too well
@murat@ryjmbut what i would really like to see is less "my way is better" and more "this is what i've chosen, but maybe we can work together"
~moon/aesthetics@murat@ryjm haha yes i'd agree actually, hadn't heard of the term operad before
~moon/urbit/thread:9e6365eb@muratwhat I'm having trouble is finding succinct documentation that explains the auth flow & metadata management without using lots of weird space lingo lolol
~moon/urbit/thread:9e6365eb/thread:cd3a82f5@ryjmmaybe i can get some more hardcore infra guys in here, but can you go into a little more detail? maybe i can help
@murat@ryjmplatforms that dogfood like this are an incredibly good indicator of future success
@murat@ryjmthere's a lot of little things that aren't as intuitive as i'd like, but it's soo close
@murat@ryjmof course i really want (( autocomplete references at the block level
@murat@ryjmmaybe scoped to a small set of chats to not be a huge bottleneck
@murat@ryjmi find that i want to quote across channels very frequently
@murat@ryjmmaybe with a toggle expansion
@murat@ryjmi'm modeling this as a super interactive roam
@murat@ryjmand the main thing is solves for me is thread messiness
@murat@ryjmwhile things still are a bit messy, it feels much more controlled
@murat@ryjmdefinitely worth experimenting with
@murat@ryjmi *really* like it, though it confused me at first
@murat@ryjmhuh i don't like this
@murat@ryjmi alawys assume it pics the first result
@murat@ryjmokay just making sure
@murat@ryjmhaha yeah don't worry, this is 2021
@murat@ryjmnever trust a platform that doesn't tout its bugs
@murat@ryjmit's interesting comparing urbit chat to this - we have the decentralized / role base stuff working pretty well, but the chat affordances are lacking
@murat@ryjmwhich is why seeing this was such a lightbulb moment
@murat@ryjmspiel gives me a very "we're all whiteboarding in a room together, occasionally summoning views of other rooms, and building out a contextual environment that is really conducive to brainstorming
@murat@ryjmeasy and intuitive channel creation is absolutely fucking killer
@murat@ryjmyes, another reason why i want to this on urbit. and just want to reiterate, i'm not trying to shill here - i genuinely think these are symbiotic projects, especially when you open source it
@murat@ryjmbut i can see the reputational system you build here having a profound effect on the vetting of the urbit namespace
@murat@ryjmbecause a known shitposter will have his reputational score mapped to his urbit, which could be used to gate certain payment flows / app memberships, etc
@murat@ryjmanother example - we have a group for trading urbit identities, but being just barebones chat it's not super easy to act like a trading floor
@murat@ryjmi can see a dedicated trading realm here that could leverage ~moon/#urbit/bitcoin-wallet and yuur accountability / backlinking mechanisms to create something truly next level
~moon/urbit@ryjmyes, that's exactly what you can do
~moon/urbit@ryjmwith *comets* - they can boot directly without a key
~moon/urbit@ryjmand that's if you want to run on your own computer
~moon/urbit@ryjmif you want to run custodially
~moon/urbit@ryjmyou could use my comet idea, or you could spawn planets for each user
~moon/urbit@ryjmand they can pop in using their planet name and the code you provide
~moon/urbit@ryjmthis shows at up bootup
~moon/urbit@ryjmone planet is running locally
~moon/urbit@ryjmthis one running on a VPS (which, your case, you would be providing)
~moon/urbit@ryjmthis one running under a moon
~moon/urbit@ryjmwhich any planet can spawn any number of
~moon/urbit@ryjmand what i was getting at with my thougts on #todo/alt-handles
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