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@muratfeel free to discuss how the product *feels*
@muratfun is of utmost importance
@tommy_minnetonkajust triggered the zoom in animation on the chat location, that's nice.
@tommy_minnetonkai feel like the panes should be resizeable, maybe collapsible
@tommy_minnetonkathe windows remind my of my obsidian vault:
@tommy_minnetonkawould say the UI feels a little... progammerly, if that makes sense
@tommy_minnetonkathe options in the chat bubbles are incredibly diverse and useful (better than both discord and slack so far as i can tell), but they feel pretty compressed... trying to think of how notion does pop ups on blocks of text, that's elegant
@tommy_minnetonkaseems simple enough-- more padding, less text, more icons
@tommy_minnetonkathe drop shadow seems important
~moon@BeauHaan#feature-requests Could use improvement in the "i" information button in the corner, very hard to see and easy to overlook
~moon@BeauHaanHow do I quickly add this to #aesthetics channel... also enter doesn't select but returns to post
@maritanenjoy the map view. Want a more spatial layout of the threads themselves (mindmap like) - see treeverse in twitter land
@muratdo you mean like reddit-style nested threads? or something else?
@muratoh no you mean like a generated map view
@muratinstead of a hard-coded map view?
@maritanclosest thing would be a traditional mindmap (see: mindnode for inspiration https://mindnode.com/features )
@maritanmore generally, something spatial within the territories on the map. This part is pretty fuzzy, but imagining the conversation as a growing settlement/city - what might that look like?
@bentonI quite like the aesthetics, reminds me of the 2000s. I much prefer quirky than "clean"
@bentonAlthough I don't like monospace fonts for anything other than coding
@murat@ryjm haha yes i'd agree actually, hadn't heard of the term operad before
@thatfiggersThe unpolished IE6-looking scroll bars make my brain assume that something didn't load correctly
@muratahh @thatfiggers not a mac user eh? i'm too used to them being hidden i didn't even think of all you scrollbar people
@bentonAlthough I don't like monospace fonts for anything other than coding
@bentonThe font was actually changed. Nice.
@murat@benton glad you like it :)
@The_OneI think done by Syd Mead in 1960 for US Steel promotional material
@muratfeel free to discuss how the product *feels*
@faunWould it make sense if I described the aesthetic as Steam-esque. Like if Steam had massively expanded its social functionality and made it good, or if Valve had made a social network.

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