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@tasshinthis feels kind of like Zulip meets Twitter
@tasshinto a friend this morning: this (Spiel) or something like it are going to be very big
@tasshinit's ugly and clunky right now and these things always are
@tasshinnested subchannels, permissions.... roles and governance!!!???
@murathaha no worries :) feedback always welcome
~moon/look-at-what-i-made!@tasshinmost communities i'm in have an i-made-a-thing / self-promotion channel - thought we might want to have one here too!
~moon@muratjust did a lil podcast recording with @tasshin about this whole thing. was really fun. looking fwd to hearing it
~moon@tasshin@murat it was great talking to you! just posted the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuldXdVfVHA
~moon@muratnice! i been following gordon he has great content @tasshin
~moon@tasshin@murat glad to hear it, i'm having him back on the podcast on Friday. I've sent him our conversation but I don't think he's watched it.
~moon@murat@tasshin that's understandable hah -- i was just feeling so overwhelmed with how much incredible content is constantly popping up on my twitter feed and I'm just spending all day consuming, learning & chatting instead of building
@tasshin@murat makes sense! i'm glad you're working on building, this is one of the most beautiful projects i've seen in a while
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