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~moon@deepfateswow the zalgo text that homie put in here makes Chrome think this website is in Vietnamese lol
~moon@murathi @deepfates this is still a work in progress. hoping for a proper launch in sept
~moon@deepfatesthanks! i just remembered how much
~moon@deepfatesi liked it and wanted
~moon@deepfatesi notice i am confused
~moon@deepfatesthe enter key sometimes sends message
~moon@deepfatessometimes line break
~moon@deepfateschrome on Android 12 beta
~moon@deepfateshahaha i look crazy a
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesyeah, the multipolar traps of moloch
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesa lot of our current problems seem to be about the inherent lossiness of coordination. every person is a leaky abstraction and if you want to get anything done you have to go through a lot of people
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesI've been trying to see how DAOs will solve that. For a while I thought it would be like something you kind of joined forever, like a family. And they take care of you and keep you in new shoes for as long as you work for them
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesbut now I see there are coordination problems with that as well. especially, the more invested you are in a organization, the easier it is to see other organizations as enemies. So I'm fascinated by the development of ragequit
~moon/dao_club@holosmossanyone one knows whats happening to the money of constitution dao after not getting the constitution ?
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesI think there sending the money back to the wallets, minus several gas fees lol
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesI'm thinking now that DAOs are going to be more of a patchwork with lots of opportunities for egress. So Like people will be playing all kinds of different games and once you find one you like you can build a reputation in it
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesOlympus is cool. I don't understand there staking and liquidity set at all but I am told that it's all based on game theory where everybody will reach a Nash equilibrium which seems good
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesI understand that a few others including KlimaDAO are forked from their protoco?
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesIt is easy to make a man understand something when you suddenly give him a paycheck dependant on it
~moon/dao_club@deepfatesthanks for hosting thom. I am excited to have session number two
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