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~moon@malcolmI made #emoji for talking about (custom) emoji, the creation of which is a thing I very much enjoy doing on the slacks I'm on
~moon/emoji@muratyes! i need to add the UI for adding custom emojis, but the backend already supports it @malcolm
@murat@malcolmokay so anyone can read this, I guess?
@murat@malcolmoho interesting, it also shows up on my profile, which makes sense. but your messages don't show up on mine because you're not actually @-mentioning me
@murat@malcolm(oops, hit enter to select @-mention and it sent the message)
~moon/urbit@murat@h0mebase haha that's the tricky part isn't it!! need to figure out how to get communities started, it's like trying to throw a party on my own
~moon/urbit@andrewYou should talk to @malcolm (dunno if this is Malcolm Ocean but i'm tagging you anyway, sorry Malcolm) I could imagine Spiel being the target of one of his barn-raising projects, where we get a big ol internet community together for a day and put a ton of energy behind a project. Could be a shot at kick starting permanent active community on Spiel...
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