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~moon@muratshould i make it so pasting youtube links auto embeds the video player? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
~moon@thatfiggersAt least a thumbnail would be nice
~moon/aesthetics@thatfiggersThe unpolished IE6-looking scroll bars make my brain assume that something didn't load correctly
~moon@murat@thatfiggers thanks i'm stoked to hear
~moon/aesthetics@muratahh @thatfiggers not a mac user eh? i'm too used to them being hidden i didn't even think of all you scrollbar people
~moon/feature-requests@thatfiggersIs there a way to delete subchannels under my profile? If I misspelled something or accidentally created a subchannel at the wrong level of the hierarchy I'm not sure how to fix it.
~moon/feature-requests@thatfiggersUse case: I get into a conversation with some buds. We realize ten minutes in that this would make a great subchannel. But we didn't know when we started that it would go that way. We'd like that initial conversation to be part of the new channel we just made. Is there a way to retroactively tag messages to go into a subchannel that didn't exist when they were first sent?
~moon/feature-requests@murat@thatfiggers would it be suficient to cc all the original posts to the new channel, such that the originals stay where they are? from a governance perspective it's easier so you don't delete messages on behalf of others
~moon/feature-requests@thatfiggers@murat Yes, that sounds preferable even. Better for them to be in both places than completely move and delete originals.
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