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~moon@muratis twitter login annoying? i could make it fully open for now
~moon@tommy_minnetonkai like twitter only
~moon/aesthetics@tommy_minnetonkawould say the UI feels a little... progammerly, if that makes sense
~moon/aesthetics@tommy_minnetonkathe options in the chat bubbles are incredibly diverse and useful (better than both discord and slack so far as i can tell), but they feel pretty compressed... trying to think of how notion does pop ups on blocks of text, that's elegant
~moon/aesthetics@tommy_minnetonkaseems simple enough-- more padding, less text, more icons
~moon/aesthetics@tommy_minnetonkathe drop shadow seems important
@tommy_minnetonkaripping notion UI off seems like the right idea 100% of the time? but i am merely an amateur
~moon@tommy_minnetonkacongrats on the fission pod @murat
~moon@tommy_minnetonka+1 for me to finally get around to fiddling with fission
~moon@tommy_minnetonkawhat's up @bolt! logged back in to see if anyone was still hanging out
~moon@tommy_minnetonkathis is a nice alternative when twitter feels too intense. just floating along on the moon
~moon@murat@tommy_minnetonka i just finished push notifications and will be submitting to appstore so that it
~moon@tommy_minnetonkajust dropping by to say hello
~moon@tommy_minnetonkahey making a little experimental channel for the dao gc
[[dao_school]]@tommy_minnetonkawoop woop we escaped from twitter
~moon@murat@tommy_minnetonka wiki links are your personal tags
~moon@murat#dao_club is the correct link right
~moon@tommy_minnetonkayes i made one in moon root instead, deleted the link above for clarity
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkahere are some other videos from the start of the google doc:
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkathis on the evolution of organization patterns
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkaim just gonna post memes from my mem folder till someone appears
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkaoh wow just discovered this great quote
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkahello, online folks. did yall do some reading?
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkayeah same. i made it through session 1 prep
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkaoh that's cool. what is your world
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkashamanistic capitalism... hm!
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkawould be cool to read a solarpunk story in which daos are utilized.. or crypto has any use case displayed
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkaone pet idea of mine is if big coordination problems were turned into fun simulation video games they could be mapped and experimented with, and that in some way is the only way fwd
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkayeah ragequit was cool to me too
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkajust saw something about olympusdao today, that has a few insane mechanisms
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkaoh so the shaman is the designated transhumanist of the crew?
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkayeah i don't know. i just saw 8000% interest and watched a vid ab it lol. that whole ens thing really got me back on my bs
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkawelp. thx for showing up! maybe this could just be an ongoing channel with resources
~moon/dao_club@murati want to learn more about DAI, the DAO that runs an ethereum-based stablecoin https://makerdao.com/en >dai
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkaone of the session 1 dao sources is rebel wisdom's video "humanity's phase shift" with daniel schmatchtenberger which was a huge red flag for sev reasons and i avoided, but now having explored some im rly enjoying said schmachtenberger's ideas
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonkaalso they mention this book which i've had on my list for a while now (yud's inadequate equilibria). https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/36606376-inadequate-equilibria anyone read it?
~moon/dao_club@tommy_minnetonka@murat do you know what kind of issues they're voting on? i am not familiar with the decisions a domain name service needs to make
~moon/dao_club@murat@tommy_minnetonka an example would be voting to change the fees required to register a domain, adjust grace periods when domains expire etc... good question tho hahah
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