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@notmuratis this where we post feedback?
@notmuratThe "Reactions" sidebar makes it seem like it's the list of reactions I got, rather than what they mean here. Maybe call it "Reactions in this channel"?
@notmuratmaybe feedback should be a default feature of every realm.
@h0mebase@murat Trying to see how to make this compliment what I do in [[Roam Research]] but I love it so far. I like how I am essentially my own channel and I can see quickly everything I have typed. Maybe use the iPhone app to quick capture things to my own channel, than export to Roam, just thinking :)
@faunWhen I look around in https://dive.makopool.com/ and relate it to spiel's map, I'm inspired to try to imagine a version of spiel that feels like this...
@faunAnd then I start thinking about the ownership dynamics of land, and all the additional friction it imposes on restructuring and reorganizing, and... I don't think spacial modes of organization are generally desirable. Euclidean space is constraining. In digital spaces, moving people around to improve propinquity can be made cheaper or free, so, many of the issues of space can be cured, but... We're drawn to these things because we want to be able to use our spacial memories to remember where everything is and how it relates to each other... but that's a form of human memory that's difficult to update as situations change. There is an essential truth to social relations like conceptual relevance, conflict relations, or overlaps in usership, but in contrast, there can be no essential unchanging truth to a spacial mapping. A spacial mapping is arbitrary, many are possible, and the best one for the given moment changes, but despite this, the spacial mapping will be hard to update in light of that.

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