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@muratso far this is a feature in development still you'll see some of the basics if you click on any of the policies (permissions/roles/governance/reactions) on the left
@muratbasically each channel has specific policies & any children channels inherit those rules by default, unless if the children channels are explicitly made to be "independent" or "private"
#incentives@muratpayments!!! if this product ever gets use on larger scale, money will become critical for moderators moderation is an extremely manual and time consuming task, and that's where a large portion of value is created (and culture is preserved). so any mechanism that collects small bits of money from users & funnels it back to moderators, kind of like an open-source project's funding model, might work quite well so the idea would be to allow communities to enable monetization by requiring some sort of paid membership & decide how it'll be distributed to which roles. these can also be tied to the democratic #governance model
#urbit/thread:61cd0c36@ryjmlike i'm thinking you could use #governance and #roles to basically bootstrap a reputation system for urbit identities

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