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@muratRoles are gonna be more important as moderation becomes more critical roles can be entirely custom roles can be automatically assigned algorithmically based on stuff like reactions, or other metrics. for example you could say "Anyone who gets 5 thumbs ups from moderators in 1 day become a VIP member" and then you can specify that VIP members can modify the map, silence other users temporarily, etc.
@muratmore on this later
@theloneliestboahow much of that customization is exposed now?
@murat@theloneliestboa you can click one of the Permissions on the left to get an idea the UI is very incomplete but the rule customization backend is operational, running with some basic rule templates i made
@murati'll be spending the next month finishing up that part hopefully (and voting)
#urbit/thread:61cd0c36@ryjmlike i'm thinking you could use #governance and #roles to basically bootstrap a reputation system for urbit identities

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