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@murathi so yeah here we are on the moon
@muratgonna start with map of the moon to kick the tires a bit, will do an earth launch when the product is more mature. as well as letting people create their own idk
@murat ( ,&&&. ) .,.&& ( ( \=__/ ) ,'-'. ( ( ,, _.__|/ /| ) /\ -((------((_|___/ | ( // | (`' (( `'--| _ -.;_/ \\--._ \\ \-._/. (_;-// | \ \-'.\ <_,\_\`--'| ( `.__ _ ___,') <_,-'__,' `'(_ )_)(_)_)' tis just me for now i'll patiently wait
~moon@tommyminnetonkalong live #beta, i see we made it to the moon
~moon@Schizophrenic_HomieThis is really cool i think attatch pic is great. I would also love an app that allows for attach gdocs and what not. Links are too scary i would prefer sharing a finished project in a text state you know?
@murattrying out reply from elsewhere
@muratgonna keep #todo tasklist here
~moon@murati'm using hashtags as like the 1st nesting level under a realm i.e. #beta
@muratshowing tagging to my friend >betameta
~moon@AntiNoirAs this is #beta, best that everyone coming in to record any bugs, #feature-requests and more by tagging the relevant channels, and then we can filter out the overall moon conversation by ggoing to the channels (acts as a great filter!)
~moon@muratand testing mentions in new editor @Tommy #beta [[test]]

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