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~moon@andrewfractal discord at the intersection of community/governance/communication/markets. Ok, I'm interested. Something about the design reminds me of the old days of vent servers and Broodwar chats
~moon@andrewA bit intimidating, a bit cyberpunk, or something.
~moon@andrewIs this an open source project? is there somewhere I can contribute?
~moon@murat@andrew i intend to open source it sometime soon. let's stay in touch!
~moon@andrewSweet, I'll be here. Will join the #open-source subchannel whenever it exists
~moon@andrewoh i just made it exist
~moon@andrewWhen I drag an image onto the chat, it just opens it in a new window (default chrome logic), instead of uploading it as an attachment. #feature-requests Anyway I just wanted to say that this feature is awesome.
~moon@andrewIt's probably better to link to comments instead of screenshoting them, like threads. Do comments track references? https://beta.spiel.com/~moon/guide?spiel_id=dc55c7aa
~moon@prigoosewhoa i've always wanted to merge chat apps and notetaking. because i feel like a lot of replies to my friends should also go in my notes, if they are especially interesting or content-full (rather than just joking around)
~moon@andrewSame, I've always had this problem.
~moon@andrewLots of my thinking ends up going into chat apps and I forget to record it in a structured way. Now I can just add tags to my individual comments [[spiel-insights]]
~moon/feature-requests@andrewI typed a draft message, but then quickly wanted to jump to a subchannel to reference something from there in my message. When I came back, my message draft was gone :( loving this app so far <3
~moon/feature-requests@murat@andrew ahh yes i should make the text stay while moving around
~moon@andrewSpiel comments have properties of tweets AND roam blocks. Each comment is a "unit" which can be referenced, threaded, and tagged. The comment can be simultaneously cross-posted by referencing other channels like @andrew. Comments track replies in a thread, like tweets, and then those replies can themselves become subthreads, and so on. One feature which I would love is to be able to "quote tweet" comments across channels, instead of just being able to reply in the same channel as the comment. Currently it seems like you can link to comments, but they aren't embedded, like a quote tweet. And it might not track those references. [[spiel-insights]]
@jake@andrewyo i can post directly on your channel
~moon@justinaHi @andrew and @prigoose ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡
~moon@andrewGoing to make a subchannel (#tethics) for us and other people from tethics if they join, so we don't spam main realm chat @justina @jake @prigoose
~moon/tethics@andrewyay tethics is in spiel!!
~moon/tethics@muratwhat's thetics?
~moon/tethics@andrewIt's a small discord server w/ some young technologist friends
~moon/urbit@murat@h0mebase haha that's the tricky part isn't it!! need to figure out how to get communities started, it's like trying to throw a party on my own
~moon/urbit@andrewYou should talk to @malcolm (dunno if this is Malcolm Ocean but i'm tagging you anyway, sorry Malcolm) I could imagine Spiel being the target of one of his barn-raising projects, where we get a big ol internet community together for a day and put a ton of energy behind a project. Could be a shot at kick starting permanent active community on Spiel...
~moon/urbit@murat@andrew yep it is! that's a good idea i'll do that for sure
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