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#thread:6cdc7b8f@borisWith all the #opensource #decentralization I think it’s hard for me to promote / commit to something that doesn’t have a clear plan towards open source
@muratwould love to chat one day about that stuff @boris
@borisWant to come do a live demo / fireside chat on my #fission Thursday tech talk? I’m booking for June now. And, happy to book a personal call with you whenever you like.
@murata goal for the future is to go decentralized. I want to open-source the product once the protocol is mature, and find a way to carry over your "reputation/roles" from one server to another, so you don't need to constantly manage multiple accounts everywhere global identities will be very helpful for UX, without needing centralized control a-la twitter
@ryjmhave you looked at #urbit? you'd automatically get identity + decentralization, and there's a chat app with reference links you could hook into
@ryjmhave you looked at #urbit? you'd automatically get identity + decentralization, and there's a chat app with reference links you could hook into
@Renaldo_Moonagree - #urbit provides everything you're looking for at the infrastructure level (decentralization, security, sybil-resistance, user-owned data/storage).
~moon@murat@theloneliestboa i'm starting to think sooner than later. really need to lock down the protocol first. product validation is going good so far. investigating Matrix & ActivityPub as protocols. there are some decisions to make regarding global identities #opensource #decentralization
@murat@ryjm @Renaldo_Moon i'll revisit urbit, thanks all!
@ryjmlmk if you need a planet, gas prices are pretty ridiculous right now. but great work man, this is super cool
@murati'm wary of offloading fundamental functionality to expensive blockchains
@muratmay be better to go traditional decentralization for now a-la email / matrix / activitypub / mastodon
@murathowever i'm really looking for a good global identity system that doesn't require a central server
@muratit would be great if single sign-on can be achieved (and have accounts carry over role/reputation info from other servers)
@ryjmman it really sucks that urbit always gets wrapped up in blockchain crap
@ryjmcommon misconception - it only uses eth for identities
@muratdidn't know that
@ryjmyeah, it's always been a goal to track identity ownership in urbit itself
@ryjmbut eth was the easiest way to bootstrap it
@ryjm^ pretty interesting description of the problem
@muratit's like 6am here i gotta go to bed but feel free to bombard me with links/ideas here i will check back tomorrow. wanna come to some decisions around decentralized identity
@edouardi accidentally linked this handle to the @tlondesign twitter account
@edouardhi everyone, I am exploring this space, it's really interesting
@edouardi'm a designer at Tlon, the company building some core interfaces around urbit — I was led here by the kinds folks aboce
@murat@edouard i can fix your account name for you if you like
@muratthanks for your interest!
@muratwill check out Tlon
@edouardoh yeah, I should really just log in with my actual twitter
@edouardi can try that now, but i get the sense edouard might not be attainable
@edanyways, it's nice to meet you @mur
@edthis is a pretty cool space, i am obviously still getting the hang of it
@edi think this is the best place to learn about what tlon's doing right this sec
@edthere is a lot of experiential detail that's missing right now
@edbut the idea is that an urbit is a personal computer you could install a whole manner of things into
@edi can imagine something like spiel being implemented to be like, an installable comms client into one's urbit, that could be linked to other parts of urbit
@edit could be weird
@muratasking some questions about this over at #urbit
@h0mebaseStill learning here, it's really cool, not exactly sure what I should be doing :)

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